Nato il 9.11.1970 a Berlino est.
Laurea, servizio militare. Facoltà di lingue romanze, informatica, letteratura tedesca a Berlino.
Lunghi periodi a Brest, Valencia, Roma, New York, Mosca, Sofia, Sarajevo.
1999: cofondatore dell’evento letterario settimanale "Chaussee der Enthusiasten" (
1999: premio Open-Mike di "Literaturwerkstatt Pankow"
1999: premio Würth-Award di Poetik-Dozentur Tübingen
2000: Triumphgemüse (racconti) C.H.Beck
2002: premio del pubblico al "Grazer Steirischer Herbst"
2002: Müller haut uns raus (romanzo), C.H.Beck
2003: Seine großen Erfolge (racconti), DTV 2003: "Literaturtandem" – Borsa di studio della fondazione Brandenburger Tor
2004: Gebrauchsanweisung für die Bretagne (saggio letterario), Piper
2004: premio della Kasseler Literaturpreis per l’umorismo grottesco Pubblicazioni su TAZ, FAZ, FAS, Tagesspiegel, das magazin, Junge Welt

Proving remarkable sense for timing Jochen was born on the 9 of November 1970 in East-Berlin, turning this day into something special for the German Nation. To cherish his 19th birthday in 1989, the Berlin Wall came down. In his childhood he was drafted successively as a wrestler, a weight-lifter, a swimmer, a mathematician, but never as a football-player, since football was seemed a waste of time for the GDR sports leaders ("11 players and only one possible gold-medal!") Not even in school Jochen got a chance to play football, because only those team-sports where allowed, in which girls could take part. So he had to play some sort of hockey with a rubber-ring and a stick, which made him look as if he was struggling to clean the gym. How could he nevertheless have become such a brilliant football-player? This question, already asked by Nietzsche, can be answered considering the Malta-like concrete-pitches in his "plattenbau"-neighbourhood: if you make it here, you'll make it everywhere. In his past-time he studied Roman and Slavic languages. Since it's impossible in Germany to make a living of philology or any other serious intellectual matter, he had to write fiction. From 1999 on Jochen was weekly performing his new stories in the "Chaussee der Enthusiasten" (, a group of literature-performers, he co-founded. He published, among others, "Triumphgemüse" (Short-Stories), "Müller haut uns raus" (Novel), and "Gebrauchsanweisung für die Bretagne" (Travel-literature), which makes him look successful, which is completely untrue, as he is still single. He hopes to find a girlfriend in Sweden, but she really has to like him.