Simon (*1980, Stuttgart) denies kinship with midfielder Jürgen Roloffc (*1958, Hannover), even though they admittedly have the same weight and height (180 cm, 75 kg). Jürgen Roloff is still notorious to supporters of Second Division clubs Arminia Hannover and FC St. Pauli, finishing his career in 1987 as the only midfielder in the team?s history with over 300 games - and without a single goal. It is supposed to be a mere historical coincidence, that in the very same year of Jürgen?s retirement, Simon's mother stopped his highly promising attempts as the wonder kid forward of TSV Wäldenbronn. And it is probably a family myth that she handed him a small notebook afterwards, along with orders to write down his grief and thus become a poet. What is certainly true though is that Simon has not been too prolific in his new career, having published only short stories in anthologies so far. But he could claim to be too busy working on a dissertation on Robert Walser and the History of Economics. Secretly, though, very secretly, he is ghost-writing a hell of a lot biographies of still unknown young footballers. Just in case. They might become famous one day, and Simon as well. He occasionally writes for magazines and much more regularly plays midfield in the German Writer's National Football Team. Needless to say, he scored the first hat trick in the team's history.