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Hans has been one of the highest acclaimed managers in German professional football for more than three decades now, but asked about his greatest success, he tends to answer: "Coaching a team of mentally handicapped for a weekend and guiding the German Writers' team to the Writers League final in Italy 2005." Although he never revealed which of the two teams he regarded as the better one. At the age of just 30, he became the youngest manager in the First Division of the GDR in 1971, coaching Carl-Zeiss Jena. He would guide the club into the European Cup Winners' Cup final ten years later, where they lost 1-2 to Dinamo Tiflis. He has been in charge of top-league teams like Twente Enschede in the Netherlands, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hertha Berlin and, nowadays, 1. FC Nueremberg in the German Bundesliga. A three-time GDR Cup winner, his biggest achievement might still be having read at least one book by all of his players from the Writers' National team.

Books by Hans Mayer in english:

The Crusades (OUP Oxford, 1988)  


Libri di Hans Mayer in italiano:

I diversi (Garzanti, 1992)