Born in 1967 in the West German town of Weener near the Dutch border,
Ulli studied philosophy in Göttingen, Berlin and Barcelona and currently lives in Berlin. In 2001 he quitted his job as a sports journalist in order to write his first novel "Der letzte Kunde" (The Last Customer) as well as a short-story called "Zielperson" (Target Person), both not published yet. In 2003 he earned the German Football Association (DFB) C-licence in coaching and started coaching children. In 2006 he passed the DFB B-licence and finished his sports management studies. While continuing to coach children, Kuper started to coach the German Writers Football Team in October 2006. Not much difference here, you might argue: Coaching children or writers. But Ulli would never say that. At the moment he is preparing himself for the DFB A-licence and is writing on his second novel.