Klaus Döring started playing football in a white T-Shirt with a hand painted 20 on its back, being Grabowski. A left sided-midfielder, he was the World's best substitute at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico (Grabowski, not Klaus). Almost at the same time Klaus started writing his first children stories; in a small scribble book, still waiting to be published. After doing his University degree in computer science, Klaus was in charge of the computer systems at a German movie production company, which was a decent job; the computers were working all for themselves, hence he could spend almost his entire time writing screenplays. Since 1997 he works as a freelance actor, writer and editor, focusing on children stories and books.
He wrote about 80 screenplays winning the prestigious BKM scholarship for a feature animation movie and the German children TV-movie award for a screenplay shown in 130 countries. He hasn't seen the screenplay in all 130 translations. Right now he is working on a children's book about the first vegetarian of the world (in stone age time). He just hopes that this World Cup will last longer for him than the last one, where he had to limp off after 20 minutes with a torn ankle-ligament, after one of those Swedish tackles of which Albert Ostermaier could tell you something as well. Did you hear here a complaint about the Swedes? Oh no! It is just, well, nice that Klaus gets a chance in Malmö to meet them again