Jan Böttcher (born 1973 in Lüneburg) was raised as a midfielder for his hometown club MTV Treubund Lüneburg, but had to quit his career for studying German and Scandinavian literature in Berlin. In 1997 he lived in Stockholm; sometimes he even went to his Unversity classes there. As founded the band “Herr Nilsson”, where he acts as lead-singer and guitarist. Four records have been released between 1998 and 2003. These days he stages his songs as a solo artist, due to his writing ambitions. Published books: “Lina oder: Das kalte Moor” and “Geld oder
Leben” (“Your money or your life”). He received a scholarship in 2007 from the “Deutscher Literaturfonds e.V.” which helps him writing his third book.
Jan was voted captain of the Germany team with an overwhelming majority.