Ralf Bönt was born in 1963 in a town called Lich, but directly moved to
Bielefeld, a place with 300 days of rain per year. 27 years later, with a certificate as a car mechanic and a diploma in Theoretical Physics, he left for Munich and his Ph.D. on quarks, which was internationally influential. Subsequently Ralf worked at CERN, Geneva, at the Brookhaven National Lab, New York, the INFN, Florence, and DESY, Berlin. After a dozen well-known papers on quantum groups and a revision of the classic textbook on quantum field theory, Ralf decided to become a writer in 1994. He is the author of two novels, numerous stories (recently published in the collection “Berliner Stille”) and essays which appeared in all major German newspapers and magazines and the website 'Edge'. Two radio plays and a drama were produced by the Swiss Radio and Theater Bielefeld. He has won several international prizes like 3sat Prize and the New York Book Office Grant. Currently he's writing about the “discovery of light”, a novel on Michael Faraday. Ralf has a son of 11, who always nutmegs him.
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His favourite teams are Barca, Boca and Estudiantes La Plata, which might say something about his style: He's the typical intellectual midfielder who thinks there is just one way to play football: forward.
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Books by Ralf Bönt in english:

Icks: Roman (Piper, 1999)  

Gold: Roman (Piper, 2000)  
Berliner Stille (Wallstein, 2006)