Jesper Hall



Jesper Hall, born 1971. Has a background as a chessplayer, theatre director and arts events producer. Since the end of the 1990’s in charge of the Swedish National Junior Team and of a project focussed on inventing new methods of teaching chess. After publishing four books on chess Mr Hall will make his debut as a novelist in August 2006 with "Kärleken den röda". Also released in August his essay ”Schackspelaren som blev författare”, on Swedish novelist and essayist Frans G. Bengtsson (co-written with Jonas Ellerström). Among mr Hall’s chess books one is available in English and German, ”Chess Training for Budding Champions” / ”Schachtraining für angehende Champions”.

Books by Jesper Hall in english:

Chess Training for Budding Champions: A Unique Self-training Course in the Essentials of Chess (Gambit Publications, 2001)