A forward in the Alan Shearer/Michael Owen mould, though without the cannonball shot of the former nor the lightning pace of the latter.

Sam Taylor was born in 1970 in Derbyshire, and grew up in Nottinghamshire, a short walk from Newstead Abbey, one-time home of Lord Byron; a short bus ride from Sherwood Forest, setting for the legend of Robin Hood; and a slightly longer bus ride from the City Ground, home of two-time European champions Nottingham Forest. After working for eight years as the music critic of The Observer, Taylor moved to southwest France with his wife and children, and wrote his debut novel, The Republic of Trees (Faber and Faber, 2005), which will be published in Italian translation by Neri Pozza. He plays football for his local team, Trie FC.

Sam is the author of The Republic of Trees (Faber & Faber) and East of Islington (Gibson Square)

Books by Sam Taylor in english:

The Republic of Trees (Faber and Faber, 2005)  
East of Islington: A Novel of Metropolitan Life (Gibson)  


Libri di Sam Taylor in italiano:

La repubblica degli alberi (Neri Pozza, 2007)