Jake Wallis



His special skill on the football field is his fine finishing. Whether volleying from outside the area, shooting from an angle, or heading the ball at speed, he doesn't miss very much.

Jake Wallis Simons was born in 1978, a good year for football. He grew up as a goalkeeper, but soon realised that it was more fun scoring goals than saving them. So now he plays up front. He spent two years living in Asia, studying Chinese and playing football. In 1999, he went to Oxford to study English, and played football for his college's first eleven. In 2005 his first novel, The Exiled Times Of A Tibetan Jew, was published to critical acclaim. He is now working on his second novel. And playing football.

Books by Jake Wallis Simons in english:

The Exiled Times of a Tibetan Jew: A Tragicomedy (Polygon, 2005)