Runs like a bastard all over the park, whipping in a cross Mike Summerbee-style one minute, dazzling defences like Gio Kinkladze the next, but gravitates to the back, where Stuart 'Psycho' Pearce has set the standard to which he aspires.

Nicholas was born in Sale, near Manchester, in 1963. He is the author of five novels – Counterparts, Saxophone Dreams, The Matter of the Heart, The Director’s Cut and Antwerp – in addition to more than 100 short stories, which have appeared in a variety of anthologies and magazines. He writes for a range of newspapers and magazines, such as the Independent and Time Out. As a screenwriter he is adapting one of his novels for the Recorded Picture Co. He is also a lecturer in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. His first novel, Counterparts, was published in Italy as Smembramenti by Einaudi in 1997. He edited a bestselling anthology of football short stories, A Book of Two Halves, which was published in Italy as Fuori Area by Mondadori in 2000. It featured stories by Irvine Welsh, Geoff Dyer, Tim Pears, Liz Jensen, Nicholas Lezard and others. He also plays badminton and squash, badly but with notable enthusiasm.

Books by Nicholas Royle in english:

The Director's Cut (Abacus, 2000)  

Deconstructions: A User's Guide (Palgrave Macmillan, 2000)  

Antwerp (Serpent's Tail, 2004)  

Mortality (Serpent's Tail, 2006)  

The Enigma of Departure (PS Publishing, 2008)  

The Appetite (Gray Friar Press, 2008)  

In Memory of Jacques Derrida (Edinburgh University Press, 2009)  

Nicholas Royle è nato a Manchester nel 1963.
Ha pubblicato fino ad ora tre romanzi [Counterparts (edito anche in Italia presso Einaudi con il titolo Smembramenti), Saxophone Dreams e The Matter of the Heart].
E' molto attivo nel campo della narrativa breve, infatti ha pubblicato oltre cento racconti in molte riviste e raccolte e ha curato la creazione di otto antologie (le più importanti, A Book of Two Halves, The Tiger Garden: A Book of Writers' Dreams, The Time Out Book of New York Short Stories e The Ex Files). 
Vive a Londra con la moglie e il figlio.
Ha iniziato a scrivere all'età di venti anni, soprattutto storie horror perchè erano le storie che gli piacevano maggiormente. E' ossessionato dalle coincidenze, o cose che sembrano avere l'aspetto di coincidenze. Nelle sue opere svolgono un grosso ruolo i sogni (ha curato, infatti, anche la raccolta The Tiger Garde, una collezione di sogni di scrittori, in massima parte inediti) ed è particolarmente attratto dal surralismo e dal Jazz.

Libri di Nicholas Royle in italiano:

Smembramenti (Einaudi, 1997)