Graham is a multiple-award-winning author of twelve novels of speculative fiction. He has also published a collection of short stories and has written screenplay adaptations of his work. His work has been published in twenty languages and he regularly reviews for The Washington Post. After twelve years of retirement from the world of sport, Graham was called up for international duty only a week before the 2006 Writers’ League tournament in Florence. “How desperate are you?” he asked. “Very”, the team managers replied, and Graham has been a stable fixture in the squad ever since.

Books by Graham Joyce in english:

The Tooth Fairy  

The Limits of Enchantment (Atria, 2005)  
The Facts of Life (Phoenix, 2004)  


Libri di Graham Joyce in italiano:

L'uomo dietro il vetro (Nord, 2005)
Forse questa è la vita (Nord, 2006)