David was born in 1964. He read English at Kings College, Cambridge, where he was also a vice president of the comedy club Footlights. On leaving, he performed stand-up on the London circuit while working on his PhD.
He first became famous with The Mary Whitehouse Experience, a sketch-based comedy series which he moved from radio to television. With Rob Newman from the same show he moved on to the Newman and Baddiel in Pieces series, which ran in 1993. The duo subsequently split after becoming the first ever comedians to play Wembley Arena. After this he featured in Fantasy Football League with Frank Skinner, and later Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned. The duo also twice topped the UK singles chart with the association football anthem "Three Lions" and collaborated on podcasts for Times Online during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. In 2001, he made a sitcom for Sky, Baddiel's Syndrome. In 2004, he created a show called Heresy for Radio 4, which attempts to challenge received opinion. He also played himself in the BBC animated comedy series Monkey Dust, in a self-lampooning role.
He has appeared in the UK comedy Little Britain playing a person dressed up as David Baddiel. He did not speak in the show, only mimed someone else speaking over him.
He has been writing a column in the Mail on Sunday newspaper, magazine "LIVE", where he has set about trying to become fitter and losing weight.
On 30 October 2005 he appeared on stage at the Old Vic theatre in London in the one-night play Night Sky alongside Christopher Eccleston, Bruno Langley, David Warner, Navin Chowdhry and Saffron Burrows.
He has also written three novels: Time For Bed (150.000 copies in UK), Whatever Love Means and The Secret Purposes.

Books by David Baddiel in english:

Time for Bed (Paperback, 1997)  

Whatever Love Means (Paperback, 2000)  
The Secret Purposes (Paperback, 2006)  


Libri di David Baddiel in italiano: 

E ’ ora di dormire (Barbera Editore, 2005)
L’amore qualunque cosa significhi (Barbera Editore, 2006)